Why is school system outdated ?

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School educaton system is outdated globally. The internet made it outdated because information is a commodity and the school system was built on memorization of information.

Why do I have to do any math I have a calculator on my iPhone that can give you any math. I don’t need to know anything I can ask Siri and Alexa into seconds they’ll give me the answer, you know who cares about the periodic table when I can tell you what like it just it’s so uncomfortably outdated globally because it’s predicated on memorization of information in a world where we have information at our fingertip within a second for zero cost the whole thing’s dead.

Who’s responsibility is it ?

It’s the parents responsibility. It’s the parents responsibility to not buy into the self-esteem wrapped up in your child going to a top university. We don’t need to boil the ocean parents need to make sure their kids are happy.

If you just look if we all collectively actually gave a crap about the happiness of our children it would fix itself, unfortunately we care more about the judgment of our contemporaries about what our children are accomplishing more than caring about our children this is an issue of modern day parenting and insecurity and keeping up with the Joneses not a school system problem, it is the devastation of our society yeah because so many people working so we like no university.

The greatest companies in the world. Amazon. Google are no longer requiring degree anyway, so what are you following back on?

Now you know, that’s like saying you need to keep a horse on hand in case the car doesn’t work. It’s ludicrous it is ludicrous yeah and it’s completely predicated on the framework of the parent grew up with and more importantly the judgment that their parents are putting on them or how they want to keep up with everybody else because the people that they dinner with at the country club on Sunday night their daughters going to the big university and they want it’s just ludicrous it is sad.

I’m a byproduct of parents that were strong enough to not care about what other people thought which is why I’m happy and I would like to use what the gift my parents gave to me as something that I communicate to the world, hopefully inspiring one parent to give that gift.

If you’re such an entrepreneur go by your own iPhone. Start practicing now. The quicker child gets off the parents payroll, the more likely they will be happy in life.

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