Who is Yukesh Chaudhary ?

He is a Young Nepali Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Blogger.

He is the owner of Niffey Network in Nepal.

He helps people start their own blog with WordPress & earn online. He also helps business to grow online ( Digital marketing, Seo, Online Stores, Social Media).


He believes everyone can grow & build now with the Internet. He puts ideas into work.


Blogging Help

Get started

Before starting your blog, you need few Compulsory Resources & tools. Begin here if you are just getting started.

WordPress Performance

WordPress performance plugins & tools that will help your blog load & work faster for your readers & visitors.

Security and Seo

WordPress Security and SEO are important for your blog. Learn how you can secure your  blog & also setup SEO to reach potential visitors.

Read Articles for more help

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Business Help

Digital Marketing

The Internet, With over millions of people online every day searching for products & businesses online, you might be missing from their search!? Start marketing Online Now to reach people online.

Google My Business

Google Map is widely used for daily location search by customers to search the businesses for the products & services they need. Be on Google maps with Google My Business. Reach potential Customers.

Social Media & Selling

Social Media Marketing is now the most important part of every business in the world. Is your business using Social Media to market and sell products/services? Learn More.

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